Jonathan's Latest: Three Pillars of Wisdom from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Global companies can gain competitive advantage in fast-growing frontier markets by addressing those country’s big social challenges – described previously in HBR as “playing development to win.” One example is IBM. CEO Ginni Rometty and I recently spoke about the [Continue Reading]

At the U.S.-Africa Summit, Leaders Need to Signal Change

Washington is usually quiet in August, but an event next week has the potential to shake things up for business and foreign policy. More than 200 U.S. and African CEOs, including the heads of General Electric, Walmart, Blackstone, Google, and [Continue Reading]

What Africa Can Teach U.S. Business Leaders About Uncertainty

I’ve spent the past several years with the most successful business leaders in Africa, today the fastest-growing continent on earth. Africa’s uncertainty is all encompassing. How big is the market? What does the consumer want? Where will the highways be? [Continue Reading]