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Jonathan's Latest: What Africa Can Teach U.S. Business Leaders About Uncertainty

I’ve spent the past several years with the most successful business leaders in Africa, today the fastest-growing continent on earth. Africa’s uncertainty is all encompassing. How big is the market? What does the consumer want? Where will the highways be? [Continue Reading]

Four Things to Get Right in Fast Growth Markets

As chief executives in the US scour the world for growth, they find the largest opportunities in some of the youngest markets. The fastest growing continent in the world is Africa, a two trillion dollar market where a third of [Continue Reading]

Is There an Africa?

It was 1996, and Sam Jonah knew he was in trouble. Jonah was chief executive of AngloGold and had just led the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange, making it the first African company on the Big Board. [Continue Reading]