Success in Africa

Success in Africa provides insights directly from the ambitious CEOs who are building a continent. From Forbes Africa CEO of the Year James Mwangi to GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt, more than twenty top business leaders discuss how they approach opportunities as vast as any since the dawn of the American century.

With the access and perspective of two decades working with corporate leaders in frontier markets, Jonathan Berman addresses the critical questions companies and investors ask:  Is there “an Africa?”  Who would I work with there and what drives them?  How do I deal with government? What about war, disease and poverty? What about China? How do I win? With candor and humor, the men and women succeeding in Africa give the answers in Success in Africa.

Praise for Success in Africa

“When I’ve had to assess complex environments, I’ve often sought insights from people who have navigated those environments effectively. Success in Africa delivers those insights… Jonathan Berman does for readers what he has done for me:  introduce some of the CEOs who have succeeded in Africa, and add his own perspective.”

– Robert Rubin, US Treasury Secretary 1995-1999

“Jonathan Berman beautifully puts the lurid popular press headlines about Africa into perspective and helps us peek behind that curtain of stereotypes with insights regarding how investors can prosper in Africa… Berman’s extensive experience on a wide range of Africa projects is dynamite.  Altogether, Success in Africa is a very important book for anyone interested in entering the African markets.”

– Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Emerging Markets

“In Success in Africa, some of today’s most influential business leaders share their firsthand insights about working on a continent bright with shared opportunity, and explain why Africa’s future is more promising than ever.”

– President Bill Clinton

“A not to be missed primer on not only where Africa has come from but how the future is unfolding . It’s a great book.”

– Neville Isdell, CEO The Coca Cola Company, 2004-2008

Success in Africa is an admirable piece of cross-cutting analysis, delivering a new understanding of Africa from the viewpoint of global business leaders and the new class of rising African businessmen… Berman highlights how some in Africa are defining a new path to growth, one that improves on the mistakes of the past (including those of the West).”

– Paul Collier, Oxford University Professor, Best-Selling Author, “The Bottom Billion”


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